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Geometric Five Pointed Star Candle Mold

Geometric Five Pointed Star Candle Mold

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Size: 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 9.3cm
Candle Weight: 343grams

Tip: Place mold with wax into the refrigerator for a few hours, so that the wax is hard, it is good to unmold. You might need two people to unmold that will more easy.

Twist Ribbed Pillar Silicone Molds Geometric Candle Abstract Art Wax Mould Aesthetic Pillar Dinner Candles Silicone Mold. We have a selection of silicone molds for candle making, soap making, Resin arts, Cement mold, fondant, chocolate mold, and other crafting projects.

We pride ourselves on developing unique molds every month. Our molds are handmade via vacuum using durable and flexible, soft silicone. so it is easy to unmold. But due to the very detailed pattern of our molds, minor issues might arise as per below. These, however, would not affect your finished product’s overall beauty and uniqueness. Please consider this carefully prior to purchasing, as we do not accept returns or issue refunds due for the following reasons:

1) Few bubbles on the surface of the molds — It is hard to avoid bubbles even when the molds are made in a vacuum especially when the design has many details

2) When molds do not stand on their own or expand after pouring wax, etc. — We use soft silicone hence the mold might not be able to carry so much weight. Please use solid support around your mold to stabilize it and retain its shape.

3) The wax would not level out on the top after pouring — As molds are handmade, there might be instances when the mold's support lines might be slightly different in height. Please insert a folded/thickened paper or similar under the area that needs more height to level the top out.

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